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5 Dec

Nature Vs Nurture and Feminism.

For as long as i can remember ive always hated the whole your a girl you should like pink things, pr

Books, Happy, Girl, Feminist, Childhood, Nature, Pink, Blue, Adventure, Readers

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19 Nov

Going to explode with excitement

I want to be away! Enjoying my last week and a half at home, but I am getting so excited to be away!

Love, Impatience, Adventure, Beach, Caribbean Season, Rum

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  • AnonymousBlonde

    AnonymousBlonde sounds great! can i come?! lol x

  • Befalus

    Befalus Can you fit in a suitcase? ;-) If so, I have a pla...

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous (Sorry to message you on here but I finished the d...

  • Befalus

    Befalus How weird! It's unfollwed you for me! I'll...

20 Jun

done school for the summer

Finished school with a 91 in math, 81 in physics, 97 in chemistry and a 96 in biology.Vet school her

Happy, School, Encouragement, Exciting, Adventure, Beginnings

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Anon de PlumeAnon de Plume
Space - The final frontier
20 May

Space - The final frontier

I was considering what to write for my journal today, and was mulling over some fundraising ideas fo

Logic, Adventure, Surprize, Broken Bone, Adrenaline

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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous It sounds like you had a great night out and now y...

  • Waiting for a life

    Waiting for a life Wowwwwwwww! Is there any way we can sponsor you t...

  • Anon de Plume

    Anon de Plume Thank you @Waiting for a life - need osteoporosis ...

  • LazyDays

    LazyDays Congratulations, overcoming one of a humans basic ...

  • Waiting for a life

    Waiting for a life Ahhh - you'll pass the test no probs! I am loo...

  • Anon de Plume

    Anon de Plume @Waiting for a life - I have tried all combination...

  • LazyDays

    LazyDays Yes Anon, Depressed appears to have gone, she is n...

8 Apr

Not all those who wonder are lost ...

Travelling is something that has been on my list to do for a couple of years, however being the typi

Life, Travel, Fun, Exciting, No regret, No hope, Adventure

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5 Apr


What I'm really feeling........Terrified, excited, nervous, giddy, scared, happy, butterflies, a

Scared, Travelling, Visa, Adventure

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26 Mar

The Hills Are Alive

What a first day! We got to our destination at the crack of dawn (well for me at least. Come on, I&#

Family, Adventure, Family vacation, Thrill, Mountains

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From Pillow to Post.
14 Mar

From Pillow to Post.

Welcome to all you brave and wonderful new Pencouragables! I've been too tired to create my own

Tired, Welcome, Adventure

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  • Rosie

    Rosie Hope you slept well and feel revitalised xx

  • Julkie

    Julkie Thanks for a great post Sticky - this certainly is...

8 Mar

Here we go!

Sitting here... bags packed to bursting. Nervous belly... Here we go. The real reason I started a jo

Pencourage, Happiness, Thank you, Adventure, Pencouragers

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5 Mar

Leavin' on a jet plane

I leave in 3 days. I have 2 days to get my bum into gear and get packed. HELP!Im at a loss! Im so ve

Help, Tired, Time, Adventure

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  • Dragonite

    Dragonite Good luck with speaking to all of your friends. i ...

28 Feb

Writing my "to do" list

Starting to get everything together in my head. Going away very very soon! Aaaaahh! Haha! Wrote my l

Boyfriend, Travelling, Long distance relationship, Packing, Adventure

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  • Still That Girl

    Still That Girl Can't wait to hear about your travels x

  • Befalus

    Befalus I started this journal thinking it would be for my...

New Adventure
25 Feb

New Adventure

Here she is! My new home for the next 6 months! I am so excited. I am joining in Aukland and will be

Life, New job, Cruising, Adventure

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  • FlyAway

    FlyAway SCOOOOOOREEEE! Glad you got that big break! :D

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous Can I fit in your luggage?

  • Befalus

    Befalus Its my 3rd big break! :) 3rd ship in under 2 years...

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous good luck I am very jealous.

  • Befalus

    Befalus Thank you, Buttercup. As we say onboard; Living th...

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