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18 Dec

arghhhhh sod off

some advice is requiredmy dad is fairly protective over me, I had a puppy relationship when I was 15

Parents, Boyfriend, Help, Argh, Go away, Over protective

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  • LazyDays

    LazyDays Hmm, just like you, your dad needs to learn about ...

28 Sep

Come at me stress/pressure, you don't stand a chance.

Stressed.Partly because I'm really tired but also because I have presentation on Monday at unive

Work, Stress, Argh, Uni, Tired

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11 Apr


The more I need to revise the less i want to, arghhhh. It's like I know I need to, but the more

Argh, Stressed, Exams, Revision, ####, Worn out

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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous go for a run. trust me. eat well. masturbation hel...

  • MoonlightRiver

    MoonlightRiver Yup been there... Hell, I am at that point right n...

  • rosesarered

    rosesarered @lordflasheart , hahaha i will definitely try all ...

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous Would it make you feel better if i told you- i hav...

  • FlyAway

    FlyAway Take a break - HAVE A KIT-KAT! hehe. LordFlashhear...

pen namepen name
5 Mar

Just a post to follow on from the last.

Met my Italian friend and also her friends last night, we had an amazing time. Tonight, back to the


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  • Rosie

    Rosie Why doesn't she want you having friends?

30 Nov

Let down

This is the 7th time that you've let me down, I think it should go without saying that we're

Lies, Let down, Annoyed, Argh, Leaving, Breaking up

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