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23 Aug

Silly little dreams that drive you kerazy

I had an email from my boyfriend telling me he had dreamed I had dumped him, saying too many things

Dreams, Relationship, Breaking up, Worry

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24 May

tough week

really blaming myself for what failed in our relationship. what could i have done differently? is th

Sad, Ex boyfriend, Relationship, Breakup, Breaking up, Thinking, Miss you, Ex, Miss him, Missing him, Emotional, Blame

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9 May

girl who cried done

hey guess what, typical monthly "were DONE" post. and the typical second sentence "SERIO

Boys, Boyfriend, Breakup, Strong, Breaking up, New relationship, Over it, Stupid, Over, Bye, Done, Checked out, Broken up

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stormy weatherstormy weather
11 Mar

Moment of clarity...

Finally realised today how much more confident and happy I am since ending a 2 and half year relatio

Love, Moving on, Relationships, Breaking up, Happier

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6 Mar

All good things to those who wait...

...yet all good things must come to an end.What a cruel twist of fate, huh? This relationship was wo

Relationships, Breaking up, Ex boyfriends, Dumping

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  • Salt Lick

    Salt Lick one thing that might help you is to focus on the i...

sparrow sparkssparrow sparks
29 Jan

when is it the future?

it seems so far that the hardest part of breaking up, is the fact that i can't talk to my best f

Confusion, Relationship, Pain, Breaking up, Heart broken, Phase, The future, Planning

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  • :)isgood

    :)isgood It's okay. You have so much time, and you don&...

  • sparrow sparks

    sparrow sparks thanks so much for the positive reassurance. i'...

  • Tiz

    Tiz Aw, I just want to scoop you up and give you a big...

19 Dec


Guess what? I'm over you. I have put on my big girl panties and high heel boots, now watch me wa

Breaking up, Kick ass, I am woman hear me roar!

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  • newmom

    newmom Good for you! :]

  • Poppy

    Poppy :) Thank you! It's taken far too long to get t...

  • i don't know why

    i don't know why Well done, obviously his loss and he'll realis...

  • Poppy

    Poppy :) Thanks so much! It's a forever process righ...

  • kenrow

    kenrow You've inspired me x

30 Nov

Let down

This is the 7th time that you've let me down, I think it should go without saying that we're

Lies, Let down, Annoyed, Argh, Leaving, Breaking up

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29 Nov

I'm all out of reasons....

He asked me today why I liked him, and I honestly didn't have an answer for him. The truth is I

Boyfriend, Relationship, Breaking up

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