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Fickle bad dreams
23 Oct

Fickle bad dreams

My ex boyfriends are turning up in my dreams a lot. My first ever boyfriend I am very good friends w

Ex boyfriends, Bad dream

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  • LazyDays

    LazyDays Better as a dream than real your subcons...

  • Befalus

    Befalus That I still don't want to confront that man, ...

3 Jun

Warm Up

Dear journal, So yesterday I finally decided to delete an ex off of Facebook.. We have just been tal

Love, Facebook, Ex boyfriends, Break-ups

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  • LynxWare

    LynxWare I think its a good thing. And i wouldn't let h...

  • inbetweener

    inbetweener I tried rating your comment with 5 stars not three...

  • LynxWare

    LynxWare no problem and its not necessary to rate my commen...

  • Beakie

    Beakie oh hun, i have been here before.. he noticed becau...

  • inbetweener

    inbetweener Thank you thank you !

6 Mar

All good things to those who wait...

...yet all good things must come to an end.What a cruel twist of fate, huh? This relationship was wo

Relationships, Breaking up, Ex boyfriends, Dumping

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  • Salt Lick

    Salt Lick one thing that might help you is to focus on the i...

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