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8 Apr

Oh for f*ck sake, self

Boyfriend: ...Yeah got this cool friend called Ruthy, she likes to go by that anyway. I think I ment

Boyfriend, Relationship, Facebook, Curious, Awkward, Friend, Embarrassment, Self, Dick, Boyfriend friends, Stalker, Shame, Cringe, Just fess up, Don't be silly, Tactless, Some girl, Search history, Hilarious?

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  • Plume de nom

    Plume de nom Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser. Incogni...

  • cloverwhite

    cloverwhite is what I will definitely do from now on! ha thank...

  • ScousexoGirl

    ScousexoGirl At first, I thought it was HIM who had been search...

  • cloverwhite

    cloverwhite Haha I hope not! It looked uber stalker.. though I...

  • Pigtails

    Pigtails That made me chuckle - that's exactly the sort...

19 Mar

Embracing the now!

For ages I have been talking about how I have changed my life around; however I still find myself wi

Love, Facebook, World, Changing, Donating, Embracing, Seizing the day, Cancer awareness

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White DogWhite Dog
Social media does do some good!
16 Feb

Social media does do some good!

Having joined the FLAG (Flooding on the Levels Action Group) on FB I am amazed at just how good soci

Help, Facebook, Organisation, Flooding

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  • lucy lou

    lucy lou And thats exactly what you have done white dog, i ...

Always InvisibleAlways Invisible
15 Feb

It's nearly my birthday ...

I will officially be in my late twenties as from next week, and all I can find myself thinking about

Work, Anxiety, Facebook, Birthday, Twitter, Careers, Working mum, Relocating, Stay at home mum

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  • LostForWords

    LostForWords I cur FB out of my life and it is the best thing I...

Your relation with Facebook ?
9 Feb

Your relation with Facebook ?

I believe Facebook is becoming something more and more toxic. And not for me but for the society as

Facebook, Society, Thoughts, Addiction

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  • White Dog

    White Dog Hi, and welcome to Pencourage. I quite agree that ...

  • heath in the Summer

    heath in the Summer I only have my friends on face book, people i know...

  • Anon de Plume

    Anon de Plume I started a facebook page to make a connection wit...

  • Gods in My Room

    Gods in My Room For me, Facebook turned into a place of envious, f...

  • Sara

    Sara Frankly I only go there to chat with My Enemy. Ca...

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous I deleted my Facebook account while still in sixth...

  • Rodeo

    Rodeo Only used FB to pretend to my in laws that we were...

lucy loulucy lou
Say Cheese!!
7 Feb

Say Cheese!!

When i look through peoples photos on facebook,i judge whether i think they have good or bad photos.

Facebook, My life, Pictures, An honest view, No falseness, No vanity, What makes a good pic?

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11 Dec

Replacement of Facebook?

I also wanted a place where I can message friends and family and them messaging me.where we can shar


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  • Sara

    Sara I think there are options in FB for hiding stuff f...

  • hiwaga

    hiwaga we have the same feeling. that's the reason wh...

2 Dec


My boyfriend is using sex websites to chat to girls with - he is also messaging random girls on face

Cheating, Facebook, Boy friend

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  • HelenQuilley

    HelenQuilley I assume you suspected that he was which is why yo...

  • TheBadpoet

    TheBadpoet You deserve better than than that... feck him

  • LostForWords

    LostForWords The fact that you checked says you were suspicious...

  • Broken25

    Broken25 He's been really off hand with me and blaming ...

  • LostForWords

    LostForWords He is not worth your time. He cannot even act as i...

  • PsychoKitty

    PsychoKitty I really feel for you. It sounds as though you fee...

  • ECHO

    ECHO You deserve better than that, don't settle wit...

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous the wind.....get away from him, what a...

  • Plume de nom

    Plume de nom Allow me to chip in, as a guy. You don't nee...

  • Sara

    Sara > He blames me for everything Yes it's called...

flo coppingflo copping
10 Nov

So infuriated

I have never been so insulted in my life. The absolute *idiots* (tempted to use a swear word here bu

Facebook, Rant, Annoyed, Disgusted, Insulted

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  • LostForWords

    LostForWords These people are not your friends my lovely. If th...

20 Sep


I hate social media and yet I can't stop using it. Clicking from tumblr, to twitter to facebook

Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr

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3 Sep

For the compulsive sharers on facebook.

This is especially for the people who post or share this shit all over my newsfeed."Fact: People

Facebook, Haha, Talking crap, Posting crap, Lies not fact, Hitler had blue eyes, Eye colour, Vindictive

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15 Aug

Oh My God Just Leave Me Alone Please!

Theres this guy who friended me on facebook almost a week ago (oh yes the dreaded facebook) I only a

Help, Facebook, Omg, Immature, Leave me alone, What a joke, Wtf I do?, Wtf

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  • TheSolemnHypnotic

    TheSolemnHypnotic Oh the dreaded facebook. This all seems so very fa...

  • TygerTyger

    TygerTyger Haha thank you :) I think the status thing is act...

  • TheSolemnHypnotic

    TheSolemnHypnotic Oh that's the author of Purple Hibiscus & Half...

  • TygerTyger

    TygerTyger I probably will, but caus hes friends with my frie...

  • Calisto

    Calisto Yikes! I had one social media friend ask me to go ...

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous just...delete him? Its not difficult. This is ...

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous Just tell him that you are not interested in talki...

Dahlia BoschDahlia Bosch
7 Aug

Facebook: weapon of mass destruction

I'm pretty sure everyone has that one (or many) Facebook friends that have to keep everyone post

Facebook, Perception, Ridiculous

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  • LeFlâneur

    LeFlâneur not everybody is like that, keep looking ;)

17 Jul

Welcome back

I guess I should welcome myself back to Pencourage. I went on a FB binge, and already regret it. I g

Friends, Family, Facebook, Spying, Keeping tabs, Social work

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  • Sara

    Sara Welcome back. There are definitely advantages here...

Always InvisibleAlways Invisible
16 Jul

time for change ...

the taming of the shrew continues this week after finding out my husband is following a few rather s

Jealousy, Facebook, Trying, Fear, Relationships, Husbands, Twitter, Misery, Body confidence, Time for a change, The taming of the shrew

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  • Sara

    Sara I strongly believe in thinking positive, being gra...

  • Always Invisible

    Always Invisible i do like chocolate cake ...

  • Always Invisible

    Always Invisible my start: Red October posted this morning about no...

  • Sara

    Sara I'm pretty sure you're a very fun person. ...

7 Jul

Feelings and Things Unsaid

Sometimes it's not the things that are said, it's the things that are not said that are most

Friends, Facebook, Date, Waiting, Sharing, Personal

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  • LazyDays

    LazyDays I hope your trust is well placed, and you end up i...

  • FizzyLiquorice

    FizzyLiquorice Thank you very much LazyDays :) I'm surrounde...

28 Jun

Life is a huge pile of horse dung

Having a bit of a crappy time at the min. One of my boys has been upset badly and I am spending most

Facebook, Bullying, Teenage, Drama, Son, Recluse, Threats, Destroyed

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  • Sara

    Sara I know just what you mean...and I feel for you and...

  • Waiting for a life

    Waiting for a life I don't know what being a Mum is all about as ...

  • Slavemeat

    Slavemeat Thanks girls. Sara, He knows he is stronger than ...

  • Waiting for a life

    Waiting for a life On a lighter note - read/enjoy Scarlett's post...

  • Slavemeat

    Slavemeat Hahha. I have. The pic made me feel so much bett...

  • White Dog

    White Dog Your boy sounds as if he will become a lovely man....

  • Slavemeat

    Slavemeat Thank you sweets xx

  • Scarlett

    Scarlett Hi SM, hope your boy will be ok, teenage years are...

  • Anti fb

    Anti fb Oh Slavemeat, feel for you and your son so much. I...

  • Slavemeat

    Slavemeat Thanks girls. He agreed to go to buy a suit today...

  • Anti fb

    Anti fb I know, I have one of each, girls are definitely h...

  • Slavemeat

    Slavemeat He's thinking about it. No decision yet made....

  • Anti fb

    Anti fb I hope he goes and holds his head high. He should,...

  • Anti fb

    Anti fb Slavemeat, sorry about my shool leavers disco stor...

  • Slavemeat

    Slavemeat Hahahahaha Don't be silly! It made me smile. ...

24 Jun


You ignore me on facebook page you don't ask how i am.but I always comment on your posts&like yo

Facebook, Ignored, Comment

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  • runcicle

    runcicle Well, here's one comment. Welcome, BCB!

  • princessjebbie

    princessjebbie Hello and welcome, maybe your friend isn't bei...

  • Chelsea

    Chelsea Firstly, welcome to Pencourage! Secondly, Fakebook...

8 Jun

The Waiting Game

This guy I really think I could become very close to is ignoring me. He's tells me he likes me a

Boys, Facebook, Relationships, Clingy, Tumblr, Distant

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  • Red October

    Red October I hate to say this but if he was interested in you...

  • pen name

    pen name I'm in the same situation too. Seems my Italia...

3 Jun

Warm Up

Dear journal, So yesterday I finally decided to delete an ex off of Facebook.. We have just been tal

Love, Facebook, Ex boyfriends, Break-ups

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  • LynxWare

    LynxWare I think its a good thing. And i wouldn't let h...

  • inbetweener

    inbetweener I tried rating your comment with 5 stars not three...

  • LynxWare

    LynxWare no problem and its not necessary to rate my commen...

  • Beakie

    Beakie oh hun, i have been here before.. he noticed becau...

  • inbetweener

    inbetweener Thank you thank you !

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