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15 Nov

mine's a double

first time out in about 3 weeks tonight!(this probably seems like a short amount of time to normal p

Happy, Drink, Girl friend

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  • :)isgood

    :)isgood Sounds fun!! Have a gd time :) xx

Pencil pusherPencil pusher
27 Sep

My beating heart

So the day finally came. I had my heart operation about a week ago now, and at the time I was so sca

Friends, Family, Heart, Girl friend

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5 Mar

Today I Love life

The past two days have been brilliant :), i spent all night on cam to GF, slept all morning and had

Love, Life, Family, Marriage, Jobs, Girl friend

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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous After a slightly rubbish day, it made me smile to ...

  • debo general

    debo general :) keep that positive vibration i can feel it!

  • Beautiful Disaster

    Beautiful Disaster Way to go Dragonite ....Onwards and upwards all th...

  • Dragonite

    Dragonite I would never look back, leave the past in the pas...

1 Jan

Me.... Pt 1

A girlfriend is defined here as female known and met romantically for 1 month or longer...occasional

Bitch, Mercenary, Girl friend

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