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23 Feb

Permanent scar.

I have spoken about my ex-boyfriend before; he's the guy who features within the 'him' s

Love, Letting go, Him, Missing You, Solutions?, Ex-Boyfriend, Moved on, Him saga, Putting it all to bed

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  • Sara

    Sara As you've guessed it, there are no quick fixes...

  • lucy lou

    lucy lou I think all exes end up leaving some scar on your ...

  • Anon de Plume

    Anon de Plume Absolutely - I just had this conversation with a f...

  • runcicle

    runcicle There's something good in him that you respect...

  • ScousexoGirl

    ScousexoGirl Thank you everyone. I actually agree with you all....

26 Oct

Circle of torture

Why...... why are we even doing this? To be quite frank, I am getting increasingly fed up with so li

Worry, Agony, Missing You

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1 Sep


It's a good thing you are thousands of miles away at the moment, but I wonder if you can hear me

Sad, Ranting, Missing You, Stroppy, Call me ffs

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  • Befalus

    Befalus I love your first line. think many people can rela...

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous Thing is, your silence might make him think that y...

  • OneNoneBlonde

    OneNoneBlonde Thanks. Hmmmm. Dilemma.

30 May

flips and fizz

After many days of you travelling and working away, we finally spoke today on the phone. Oh how your

Missing You, Wanting you, Needing you

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Waiting for a lifeWaiting for a life
Where are you dear friend?
15 May

Where are you dear friend?

I need help please. I am looking for my mate Depressed House Wife. She seems to have disappeared. If

Missing You, DHW, Help me please

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26 Apr

Your arms feel like home

I am missing you so much more than I ever did before. My whole body aches for you, to be wrapped in

Missing You, Wanting you

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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous Oh Lord do I know that feeling xxx Sometimes reali...

  • OneNoneBlonde

    OneNoneBlonde thanks, sigh.. xxx

  • LazyDays

    LazyDays I know those feeling as well... Xxxx

  • Emilia

    Emilia Hold on to your dreams...treasure every moment you...

31 Mar

It's Time

It's time I saw you again. I need to hold you in my arms. I need to smell your hair, look into y

Missing You, Desperate longing

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Beautiful DisasterBeautiful Disaster
Cancer I HATE YOU !!!!! ..Dreaming of Mum x
6 Mar

Cancer I HATE YOU !!!!! ..Dreaming of Mum x

I guess nobody told cancer that my mum was THE GREATEST. That she was the most balanced , wisest hum

Mum, Illness, Cancer, Grief, Missing You

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