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2 Apr


My Dad has cancer. I may not see him much but it's killing me that he's dying. Why is cancer

Family, Illness, Cancer, Depressed, Dad, Parent

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14 Mar

Theres a mouse in my house........

For the past four weeks, my dad has been coming to my house (I live five hours drive away) and tryin


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  • Greeneyes

    Greeneyes Sounds like you are being more patient than is rea...

  • Big Mess

    Big Mess Gerard MacNally...yes, nice name. I like it.

  • StickyNib

    StickyNib A good solid mouse name if ever I heard one. I hav...

  • torch

    torch Years ago I used to visit my first girlfriend who ...

12 Mar

My Childhood Wish

When i was young i secretly believed i would be something big. The type of person who's name eve

Passion, Children, Dream, Happiness, Parent

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  • Sara

    Sara Early twenties? That's nothing! You can still ...

  • Sara

    Sara PS. When they are three or so it's a no braine...

  • HiddenWonderland

    HiddenWonderland Thanks Sara, i really appreciate your comments. Fo...

9 Mar

Parents. Ugh.

Why do my parents have to fight all the time? Why do they take it out on me?! Ugh!

Family, Parents, Argument, Parent

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6 Mar

Just some thoughts...

Back to feeling myself. Feeling strong. I feel like I have my head together. Haven't slept prope

Children, Busy, Time, Positivity, Parent, Misunderstood

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2 Feb

Being a Single Mom is Tough

I'm FINALLY back to feeling like myself. My flu turned into pneumonia. Not fun. Is it bad that I

Sleep, Guilt, Sick, Singlemom, Parent

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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous You have plenty of support from your family, use i...

  • WinterDragonfly

    WinterDragonfly I did the single mom thing for 15 years... dont fe...

  • i don't know why

    i don't know why So glad your back and well. Please don't feel...

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