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19 Jan

All By Myself

...And just the way I like it! Thank goodness. It's about time! I have the flat to myself for a

Work, Ill poorly, Pressure, Criticism, Frustrated with people, Break down

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  • PsychoKitty

    PsychoKitty Hope you feel better soon hun, the cold/flu thing ...

  • FizzyLiquorice

    FizzyLiquorice Haha unfortunately I'm incapable of doing anyt...

  • PsychoKitty

    PsychoKitty And its a vicious circle, she will carry on lettin...

lucy loulucy lou
22 Dec

what will i do?

i talk about work a lot on here,and it must be mundane to read,but it helps to get my feelings out.

Money, Choices, Decisions, Worried, Jobs, Reality, The future, Pressure, Redundancy, New beginnin s

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15 Dec

Sex... again

Had sex once since my last entry. Its bizarre. I have never been like this before. Just nothing been

Sex, Stress, Pressure, No sex

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  • Sara

    Sara In my experience...yes it's normal. But chance...

3 Dec


Bit annoyed really. Well, down would describe it better.It's the kind of thing you will hear in

Friends, Shit, Stress, Pressure, Kill me now

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  • PsychoKitty

    PsychoKitty Sadly that's people for you. My "best frie...

Whimsical WallflowerWhimsical Wallflower
13 Oct

So much to do... Won't do any of it today!

I'm so exhausted. A few of you may remember me mentioning all of my volunteer work, classes, etc

Responsibility, Pressure, Homework, Maid of Honor, Hell with it I need a day off

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6 Oct

Despite All Best Intentions...

Worried/Stressed. This is a result of having to sort a few things out, and feeling there's still

Finances, Stress, Date, Stressed, Problems, Weight, Pressure, Dress, Money issues

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11 Jul

Pressures Upon Women.

So when i saw this video i loved Dustin Hoffman even more. Yet at the same time its something all of

Men, Society, Tidying, Cleaning, Dog, Chat, Best friend, Normality, Woman, Housework, Pressure

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14 Apr


So the result wasn't what we had hoped for when Ofsted came to our school, which means we will b

School, Teaching, Pressure, Ofsted

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  • Painted lady

    Painted lady Oh dear....the dreaded ofsted... And even though t...

10 Apr

Senioritis? Nope.

Maybe I'm an overachiever sometimes...ok a lot of the time, so when I'm challenged by someth

Stressed, College, Achievement, Pressure, Academics

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4 Apr

I'm starving.

I just want to be pretty again. I know this sounds vapid but that's honestly my drive to diet ri

Unhappy, Fat, Starving, Skinny, Obsession, Crisis, Pressure, Food struggle weightloss emotional eating

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  • Sara

    Sara I understand sweetie but starving is never a good ...

  • Hambone

    Hambone I've been doing that too now. 500 calories is ...

  • mondaymaggy

    mondaymaggy I bet you are beautiful hambone, more than pretty!

  • Sara

    Sara Agree with Maggy. Thanks to media brainwashing and...

  • Hambone

    Hambone The scariest part of researching workout circuit p...

Always InvisibleAlways Invisible
30 Mar

burnt out

this always happens. every birthday, easter, christmas or other occasion where you are expected to j

Holidays, Children, Presents, Family time, Pressure, Easter, Apple pie, Retailers, The big bad supermarkets, Humbug!

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  • Scarlett

    Scarlett I don't blame you, and I agree Easter is an eg...

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous Always Invisible, I totally agree with you. I have...

  • Always Invisible

    Always Invisible So glad I'm not alone with this! Always made t...

Plume de nomPlume de nom
28 Mar


Struggling tonight. Off to the Father-in-law tomorrow. Exhausted from this week already, but got a l

Tired, In-laws, Pressure, Distraction, Pretence, Emotionally low

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  • Rosie

    Rosie Work, tiredness and life expectations can all over...

  • Plume de nom

    Plume de nom Unlikely, but I'm ahead of schedule, so I may ...

  • Plume de nom

    Plume de nom Unlikely, but I'm ahead of schedule, so I may ...

  • Plume de nom

    Plume de nom Unlikely, but I'm ahead of schedule, so I may ...

  • Gloria

    Gloria Hope the weekend isn't too bad and that you ge...

28 Mar

Apparently I dont work

Last night my boyfriend was tired from work. I told him "This is what a job does to you. You hav

Work, Rude, Job, Tired, Mean, Working, Pressure, Overheard, Uncalled for

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17 Mar

Good Enough

Anxiety got the better of me yesterday. It followed me to today but it's nowhere near as bad as

Children, Scared, Rejection, Strong, Self doubt, Panic, People, Strength, Disappointment, Woman, Pressure, Fraud, Anixety, Good enough

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11 Mar


My god I hate Mondays. Stress doesn't even begin to cover if at the moment.I'm relatively ne

Life, Work, Stress, Relationships, Pressure, Useless

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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous When under pressure, we turn to the thoughts/daydr...

  • Not19forever

    Not19forever Thank you, I'm home now so I've calmed dow...

6 Mar

The need to be voiceless

As I have mentioned before I hate being in charge. In my previous incarnation I was the boss. Work w

Decisions, Responsibilities, Master, Slave, Pressure

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  • Beautiful Disaster

    Beautiful Disaster No wonder you enjoy your life so much as a submiss...

  • Slavemeat

    Slavemeat Still with my Master Beautiful Disaster, 8 years n...

  • Beautiful Disaster

    Beautiful Disaster Smiles....Well done you , its great to see you are...

  • Elvira Moo

    Elvira Moo I read your posts since I signed up and never thou...

  • Slavemeat

    Slavemeat There are days when I wish that was all I was too ...

  • Elvira Moo

    Elvira Moo I can see why it would be a relief to let someone ...

  • Slavemeat

    Slavemeat Trust is a huge part of it. My Master and I were ...

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