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20 Apr

Greener grass....??

I've been gone a while. A lot has happened, but not much has changed.Its funny how I only ever u

Love, Lost, Regret, Choices, Stuck, Conflicted, Relaionships

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23 Feb

Not good, but not bad.

Today was alright, mostly because I was alone most of the day. So I've only ever been in one rel

Dream, Regret, Ex boyfriend, Relationships, Ex

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  • Plume de nom

    Plume de nom He still sends you messages after 2 years? Seems a...

  • Cate

    Cate Yeah, they're very sparse now, it's been a...

  • Plume de nom

    Plume de nom The last sentence sounds as though he really shoul...

Green eyesGreen eyes
1 Nov


Last weekend we all went out drinking and ended up going back to my friends for a house party. Teddy

Boyfriend, Regret, Truth, Decisions, Teddy, Mr CK

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  • LostForWords

    LostForWords Sometimes we have to make a decision that matters ...

  • Green eyes

    Green eyes Thank you for your comment, however I feel differe...

  • LostForWords

    LostForWords Sometimes people turn up in our lives for only a b...

15 Jul


Beautiful day, but I'm not sure if I want to go out. On one of my rare days off I just want to s

Regret, Sunshine, Torn, Indecision, Beautiful day, Lack of energy

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21 Jun

Long Nights Dark Clouds

Long nights drift endlessly,To the music of the rain.Short days, gone too soon,Never ease the pain.D

Love, Loss, Regret, Anxiety, Depression, Fear, Poem, Love lost

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27 May


I wish I was yours. I wish they didn't exist that you aren't with her and I'm not with h

Love, Regret, Jealous, Relationship, Ex

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  • LazyDays

    LazyDays Life isn't easy, as you're finding out. Ho...

21 May

Only Her

It's been a few days of not really needing to blow off steam, or vent, or gush thoughts and emot

Love, Girlfriend, Happy, Regret, Relationship, Relaxing, Bisexual, Settled

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9 May

bitter, jealous & unhappy.

i wish i wasn't such a jealous personif ever any girl has any communication with a guy i like i

Men, Regret, Jealous, Rant, Angry, Bitter

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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous I feel pretty sure when I say, no one will say som...

14 Mar

I hate feeling regret :(

Didn't write anything yesterday as I was still feeling poorly :( However my thoughts are still o

Sad, Regret, Birthday, Ex, Text

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  • givemestrength

    givemestrength Awful situation to be in. You feel dammed if you d...

  • Smirf_101

    Smirf_101 "damned if you do, damned if you don't"...

  • Hidden

    Hidden Anniversaries are always the hardest, they seem to...

  • Smirf_101

    Smirf_101 Thanks hidden, appreciate your support xx

5 Mar

Need to escape

It is a rough day. Last night was horrific. After months of trying to get over all the traumatic eve

Sad, Regret, Stressed, Depressed

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28 Feb

Role reversal

Just once we tried it. Me being in control, him being my slave. I bound him and stripped him. I was

Sex, Regret, Sadness, Power, Master, Slave

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  • Salt Lick

    Salt Lick Those last two paragraphs are fascinating in their...

  • Slavemeat

    Slavemeat You are welcome hun. xx

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous I love your writings, they open windows for me so ...

  • Slavemeat

    Slavemeat Awwww I am blushing. Thank you hun xx

  • Sexy Panda

    Sexy Panda its an interesting dynamic that is often misunders...

Oh, really?Oh, really?
17 Feb

Does anyone else not want kids?

I've always thought I'd have a family, one day. There are lots of things I want to do first

Babies, Regret, Choices, Baby, Parenthood

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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous I also don't want kids,and babies make me want...

  • :)isgood

    :)isgood It depends. Imagine your whole life without ever h...

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous Yeah, those are exactly the replies I get when I s...

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous I think some people just know they do not want kid...

  • Rosie

    Rosie I always said I did not want children - at 22 my m...

  • Rosie

    Rosie But - give yourself time to think - you do not hav...

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous As a parent I would say if your not sure, your no...

  • im here for me

    im here for me I have never wanted to get wed or have children pe...

  • :)isgood

    :)isgood Just want to add that when I wrote what I did up t...

  • im here for me

    im here for me I'm pretty sure you can't offend people on...

  • Mostly Angry

    Mostly Angry I was never sure and we wrote pros and cons all th...

29 Nov

There's a snake in my boot

If you care too much about what other people think of you or wonder whether anyone dwells on the thi

Regret, Anxiety, Paranoia

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  • Opal

    Opal I don't think it makes you narcissistic. But i...

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