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21 Apr


Thought i'd start doing this again, kinda feel like i need to vent about things.uni's shit,

Love, Work, Shit, Relationships, Annoyed, Angry, Upset, Stressed, Uni, Ex, Sucks

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  • LostForWords

    LostForWords I am with you on this one, I cannot stand people t...

17 Apr

'I just don't think I care enough to continue this"

Is NOT what I would like to have flashing in the back of my mind STILL, 2 weeks post-argument. [warn

Boyfriend, Work, Sad, Future, Rant, Plans, Thoughts, Stressed, Anxious, Down, Argument, Worries, Long distance relationship, Selfworth, Couple, Tension, Selfesteem, Old argument, Recycle

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  • Sara

    Sara No, you definitely not. One thing I've learned...

15 Apr

I need a break

Why is life so crazy and things have to be so messed upI wish the world was a perfect place where th

Love, Sad, Confused, Stressed, STOP, Why me, Be happy, Wanna be happy, Can this not happen, So confused, Don't do this, No kids, Be together, Dont want you with anyone else

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12 Feb

Another BFF day.

I met up with my lovely Sister today. Okay, she's not biologically my Sister; she is actually my

Sister, Stressed, Forever, Bff, True friend, Care package, Keeping close

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Plume de nomPlume de nom
24 Jan

The loneliness of the husband/daddy/carer

All of the above over the last couple of days. Horrible situation that is too difficult to explain.

Lonely, Depression, Stressed, Isolated, Withdrawing, Piling up, Hurt by friends

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  • Waiting for a life

    Waiting for a life Speak to your vicar/priest/reverend/etc.... they m...

  • Plume de nom

    Plume de nom Waiting, bring held sounds good, though my wife be...

  • lucy lou

    lucy lou I really feel for you plume,because it sounds as i...

  • PsychoKitty

    PsychoKitty Sending you love. Are there family members who cou...

  • Plume de nom

    Plume de nom Lucy, I'll have some time this evening, on the...

  • PsychoKitty

    PsychoKitty Well keep coming on here and talking about it, it ...

12 Jan


I honestly don't know what to do. I'm so worried about my father and I moving in with his fi

Boys, Stress, Leaving, Reading, Stressed, Emotions, Moving, Projects, Homework, Troubles, Fiancee, Crushing, Sophomore

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10 Dec

Test Results, Whaaa?

So the 1st one last night clearly said 'Not Pregnant'The second one this morning said '

Confused, Stressed, Results, Pregnant?

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  • HelenQuilley

    HelenQuilley Scrap the clearblue ones get some of the cheap one...

  • Lammy

    Lammy I did one this morning 1st thing as my sister told...

9 Dec

Won't think about it, I wont.

I haven't had a period for 2 months.It may even be longer, I just can't remember.I can't

Scared, Stressed, Anxious, Praying, No no no

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  • LostForWords

    LostForWords Try not to think about it too much - as you say, i...

  • HelenQuilley

    HelenQuilley oh no! probably best you don't ignore it thoug...

  • Galactic Girl

    Galactic Girl that happens me a LOT. i could go 3 months without...

  • PsychoKitty

    PsychoKitty I'm guessing you know to get a test? Hope ever...

13 Nov


So... I've been out of work nearly 2 and a half months now... And I'm already going crazy. I

Angry, Upset, Hopeless, Stressed, Depressed, Jobless

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3 Nov

Worst Week at Work

A bloke at work is forgetting to send quotes through for me to order.He's then trying to blame i

Work, Stressed, Unfair, Arsehole, Had enough, Trying my best

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6 Oct

Despite All Best Intentions...

Worried/Stressed. This is a result of having to sort a few things out, and feeling there's still

Finances, Stress, Date, Stressed, Problems, Weight, Pressure, Dress, Money issues

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24 Sep

Dysfunctional Brady Bunch

That's my family.There's my mum, my dad, My older sister Caroline and her little girl Emily,

Love, Family, Happy, Stressed, Fostering, Excited, Weird, Apprehensive, Jumble

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  • Waiting for a life

    Waiting for a life You have such a good heart Sweetie. xxx

  • torch

    torch I have great admiration for all your family Lammy ...

  • Lammy

    Lammy Thanks guys! Torch, it's not for everyone, the...

17 Sep

A bit down in the dumps

Work is making me ill.Every day I get up at five, leave the house at 5:45 to get to work for seven,

Work, Rude, Job, Stressed, Unhappy, Ignorant, Fed up, Over worked

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  • torch

    torch Life's to short to spend it in a job you hate....

  • Scarlett

    Scarlett Start looking for something better - its easier to...

  • Lammy

    Lammy Thanks Torch and Scarlett. I never get upset in wo...

  • LazyDays

    LazyDays Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Can't add to the exce...

  • lucy lou

    lucy lou sounds like they are bullying you in a way. You sa...

  • :)isgood

    :)isgood Agree with the others, it's definitely time to...

5 Sep

Stressed hubby

Hubby having a pretty rough day in work. His manager telling him, as supervisor, hubby needs to get

Busy, Stressed

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4 Sep

I don't know who I am anymore

I decided to send you an email, just a small one. I suppose now, I have to wait ages for a reply! Ju

Lonely, Sad, Busy, Stressed, Hurt, Fed up

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flo coppingflo copping
3 Sep

Another day

So yet again, I'm feeling stressed out, worried, and totally exhausted. definitely in need of so

Work, Help, Anxiety, Stressed, Blame, Big decisions

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2 Sep

Wake Me Up When September Ends

School started and I'm so busy. High school is crazy. I have so much test and work. Then after s

Sad, School, Stressed, Football, Depressed

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  • lucy lou

    lucy lou Yeah,sometimes i wake up and for no reason i feel ...

  • :)isgood

    :)isgood yeah, felt pretty sad before. I think quite a lot ...

  • Lonelygirl_Lizzy

    Lonelygirl_Lizzy Thank you both!(: I'm glad I'm not the onl...

Hello Sweetie XxHello Sweetie Xx
21 Aug

Happy but really down..Xx

I feel so depressed, But I'm happy life is going good, I have an amazing fella, new darts season

Happy, Stressed, Depressed

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19 Aug

I've had enough! I can't deal with this anymore...

I don't know what to put.. I don't know what to say.. I've tried to talk to a few people

Sad, Stressed, Depressed, Self harm, Losing It

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  • LazyDays

    LazyDays Dear Panda...speak and I'll listen, I may not ...

  • Anon de Plume

    Anon de Plume Hey Panda, well done for getting all that out. You...

  • princessjebbie

    princessjebbie Be strong. Sending my love xxxx

  • runcicle

    runcicle Well done for writing it out. Why not try writing ...

  • Chelsea

    Chelsea I just wanted to say I think it's great and br...

  • lucy lou

    lucy lou I just want to say what the others have said. I am...

  • lucy lou

    lucy lou *support

30 Jul

I just cant keep up

I'm so busy at work I want to cry.Then my friends are getting aggy with me because I can't k

Friends, Work, Busy, Holiday, Annoyed, Stressed, Aggy

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