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12 Mar

Been a while...

I love it when my thoughts have little debates with each-other :/Would you take a semi-permanent job

Career, Money, Decisions, Thoughts, Jobs, Uncomfortable, More money, Don't know what to do

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  • Sara

    Sara No. It seems doable at first, until you realize th...

  • More good than bad

    More good than bad I personally find I stay in my job due to a good w...

  • Plume de nom

    Plume de nom Sara, surely semi-permanent can be as long as you ...

  • Mrsbrightside

    Mrsbrightside It's a nanny job for 10 weeks; I can only assu...

29 Nov

And it was all going so well

In case you have not caught up, last nights gig was bril!isn't, apart from getting caught up in

Frustrated, Uncomfortable, Incomplete

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  • PsychoKitty

    PsychoKitty Oh Rodeo, I really feel your pain. Can you rearran...

  • Rodeo

    Rodeo I hope so. I m awaiting a response, ref rescheduli...

Purple koalaPurple koala
6 Jun

feeling shit

well right now I'm in a bad mood. no ideas why just feel like i want to die. i miss someone righ

Home, Depressed, Bpd, Missing him, Uncomfortable, Anxiety disorder

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  • Chelsea

    Chelsea So sorry you feel this way. There is a light at th...

Savannah BearSavannah Bear
Small As A Bug
25 May

Small As A Bug

Just for SWF, I have put a few pictures of my Buggy Photography on here!!I have been thinking about

Uncomfortable, Feelings of Size, BF Mixing It Together, Happy And Myself Vs. Upset And Small, He Protects Me This Way

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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous Firstly...eweee bugs! The photography is good....b...

  • Savannah Bear

    Savannah Bear Hehehe, I have a love of Macro Photography, and si...

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous Maybe they have family secrets that they dont wish...

  • Savannah Bear

    Savannah Bear Possibly. I hope they have some form of a skeleton...

15 May

Trip to the Big Smoke!

So today was the day I had to travel to London for a conference with work...I wasn't looking for

Work, London, Uncomfortable, Conference, Nominated

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29 Apr


My period is nearly a week late, I can't be pregnant but I feel rough. All my clothes are tight

Crush, Weight, Uncomfortable, Period

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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous you do deserve better. my cycle does be all over t...

  • BeetleJuice

    BeetleJuice Thanks :) Isn't it a right pain sometimes?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous A week isint a big deal, and it really sounds like...

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous they really are :-) your clothes are prob tight co...

19 Apr

Unrequited office crush

Ok so there's a guy in my office (not the guy im currently crushing on) who has admitted in the

Work, Uncomfortable, Creep, Stalking?

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23 Mar

Eye contact

I find it hard to make eye contact with people, especially with guys. I feel very weird if I make an

Men, Work, Fool, Foolish, Memories, Silly, Social anxiety, Social life, People, Silly girl, Socially awkward, Social, Life after death, Uncomfortable, Contact, Birthday party, Eye, Eye contact

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  • Paul Keres

    Paul Keres How odd our reactions to eye contact! I love eye ...

6 Mar

Does this guy have a death wish?!

The OSP (Office Sex Pest) is really testing my patience lately! He's really taking advantage of

Confused, Fed up, Uncomfortable, Inappropriate behaviour

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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous You need to make an official complaint my lovely. ...

  • Therese Cash

    Therese Cash Play by the book. Check what it says about harras...

  • Therese Cash

    Therese Cash NB I think calling you Kiddo and Sweetie is still ...

  • Slavemeat

    Slavemeat report him or tell him you are going to report him...

  • Therese Cash

    Therese Cash Sharing my experience of this with all, the proble...

  • Waiting for a life

    Waiting for a life Therese and the others are right. I am a Manger a...

  • Lammy

    Lammy Thanks for your comments! There are many other thi...

  • Therese Cash

    Therese Cash Age is no excuse. Being 56 actually removes any ex...

  • LazyDays

    LazyDays Lammy, please complain otherwise he will only get ...

  • Stargazer

    Stargazer This was happened to my little sister at work and ...

  • Therese Cash

    Therese Cash Sargazer, I've seen family members 'straig...

20 Feb

Silly Boss

Oh my! I am sure my boss made a pass at me yesterday, it was an over blatant action and made me feel

Work, Uncomfortable

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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous Tell him, just come straight out with it. If you d...

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous I think your look should do the trick, but if he c...

  • borderlinegoingcrazy

    borderlinegoingcrazy Thank you for your replies, he already knows that ...

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