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The storm is over us
5 Dec

The storm is over us

The apartment building is rocking from the storm that's currently over us; it makes me feel uncomfor

Weather, Storm

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  • Sara

    Sara It's very vicious. Hope everything blows by sa...

  • PsychoKitty

    PsychoKitty Hope you and everyone else if ok. xx

  • ECHO

    ECHO Thank you both x

16 Sep


Apparently it's going to snow next week?!


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  • Lammy

    Lammy OH PLEASE NO! :(

  • White Dog

    White Dog Possibly, somewhere. High pressure coming in at th...

  • princessjebbie

    princessjebbie I did read it in the daily mail website, who know....

  • LazyDays

    LazyDays WD I'd rather have a Scottish Summer!! PJ can ...

  • lucy lou

    lucy lou i love the snow!! i hope when it comes that i am o...

  • princessjebbie

    princessjebbie Lucy that sounds beautiful! Lazy, who said I wan...

lucy loulucy lou
18 Jul

The sun is shining,the weather is sweet yeah!

When i wake up and see the sun shining,it makes me get that feeling you get on holiday. That happy,w

Weather, Hot, Humid, Sweaty

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  • runcicle

    runcicle It seems to me the you think that your cat is a &#...

  • lucy lou

    lucy lou he has never tried to get out yet but thats becaus...

18 Jul

Clearer Now

Writing that cr*p out about work helped yesterday.Not applying for it, not looking at it, forgetting

Friends, Weather

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  • Sara

    Sara >why do they not like her but I'm ok? Er...wh...

  • LillyMae

    LillyMae Because I think why should he. Screwed up mind. No...

7 Jul

Enjoying This Fine Sunday.

Last night was fun, met new people, saw some old friends. Now just enjoying not being hungover and t

Food, Lazy, Lazy day, Sister, Dad, Weather, Lovely, Starving, Hungry, Hot, BBQ

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6 Jul

Back to reality tomorrow

But at least right now I am enjoying this lovely weather we're having in the UK. Just ate a whol

Work, Weather, Back to work, Reality, Ice cream, Hot, Sun, Sunbathing

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  • :)isgood

    :)isgood I know, the weather has been amazing...and that ic...

  • Chelsea

    Chelsea Thanks xx

I Hear Thunder
30 Jun

I Hear Thunder

well, I wish I could hear thunder. Getting really fed up of this warm, humid dull weather and it'

Park, Weather, Summer holidays

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Its Hott!!!
25 Jun

Its Hott!!!

Yea, 90 degrees outside and i get to bake in it at work =(. Sometimes i feel like im standing on the

Work, Weather, Hot

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24 Jun

8 weeks!!!

It's been a LONG time since I saw my Master. 8 weeks in fact. It will be 9 weeks on Friday and I

Weather, Time, Skype, Master, Location, MSN

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  • Waiting for a life

    Waiting for a life Friday is a jump and skip away SM. Happy thoughts...

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous So glad for last, sensual pleasur...

9 May


night, to be expected really since it was also a reallllllyyyyyy hot day! can't complain, sat in

Sex, Love, Friends, Night, Weather, Summer, Relaxing, Climate, Lovelyday, Summernight

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Rose ApplegateRose Applegate
2 May

The Group of Youth... And a Pro-life Survey

Ahhh youth group. One of the things that keeps me going. It is where you can find you real family. Y

Babies, Life, Family, School, God, Church, Weather, Dance, Baby, Summer, Projects, Hot, Youth, Pro-life, Lyrical, Youth group, Group

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14 Apr

A little bit better.

Had a shitty weather, and now a much better one. Finally.Bitch.

Weather, Bitch

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14 Apr

Rubbish weather and unwanted attention.

Woke up this morning to find the girls' wendy house on it's roof, bloody wind. Managed to wr

Friends, Insecurity, Confidence, Weather, Body image

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  • LazyDays

    LazyDays Xxxxxx

  • belljar

    belljar Believe! x x

  • LazyDays

    LazyDays Bet you're not ugly at all, you're certain...

  • Scrawny

    Scrawny Ha thank you, I think I probably am quite sticky t...

  • belljar

    belljar You shouldn't call yourself 'Scrawny' ...

13 Apr

Why can't the weather reflect my good mood?

Today I took delivery of some of the most beautiful garden tools I've ever seen. I bought them f

Weather, Gardening, Vegetables, Pigs

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  • Waiting for a life

    Waiting for a life Oooow - fab! Ever tried snout bacon! How about ma...

  • Gloria

    Gloria Sounds exciting, the sun will shine soon!

  • Scrawny

    Scrawny I do live in the south but very high up so we get ...

  • Waiting for a life

    Waiting for a life bloody - yes it is. Make sure you add lots of pep...

  • Scrawny

    Scrawny No chance of vines up here I'm afraid but we&#...

8 Apr

First journal entry.

I never really thought about encourage containing the word courage.I washed a few strands of my hair

Hair, Weather, Cat

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6 Apr

Day off - streaming cold!

So I've fought my way through the working week to enjoy my weekend off, and I came down with a t

Weather, Ill, Moan

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27 Mar


where has Spring got to ...


104 Readers . 2 comments  

  • Deft Calamity

    Deft Calamity The weather is ridiculous! It's snowed here pr...

  • eylea

    eylea In the UK where I am it's meant to last up unt...

Where did you go sun?
26 Mar

Where did you go sun?

I sure am waiting for Summer 2013. The weather in Paris is depressing, it feels like I've been g


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  • Huxley

    Huxley It isn't much better in London :-( At least in...

  • Dementia day

    Dementia day Waiting for summer. You and thousands of others .x...

  • Cltld

    Cltld I wish it was that simple! :)

Plume de nomPlume de nom
22 Mar

Quite a week

Pretty well exhausted. My wife tells me my eyes are red. Have been lying in bed listening to cars st

Family, Work, Sleep, Stress, Tired, Weather, Relax

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  • Emilia

    Emilia What would hve given you a Huge fright?

  • Plume de nom

    Plume de nom My phone suddenly ringing, when I was so stressed ...

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous Hey plume, are u ok, you sound worn out. Reading y...

  • Plume de nom

    Plume de nom Antifb, yes, worn out but ok. Got a good sleep, bu...

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous Hoping you have a good day x

  • Gloria

    Gloria How was your day? Hopefully you slept Saturday nig...

  • Plume de nom

    Plume de nom Gloria, my next journal will tell you how Saturday...

18 Mar


Well here it is the end of March and two weeks ago I was in flip flops and its snowing!! No wonder e

Weather, Spring

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