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Day 545

2nd Joke...

The technician puts a catheter in my arm, injects me with radioactive dye. She informs me that I may have a warm feeling in my arm.

I remember a joke.

An elderly Jewish woman is in the hospital waiting for an operation. The nurse puts a catheter in the woman's arm and hooks her up to an iv bag. The woman asks, "may I have a cup of tea before the operation?"

The nurse says, "no, I'm sorry, you can't. But," she says with a smile, "I could put some in your iv bag if you like." The woman says, "you can do that?" "Sure I can!" says the nurse.

She gets a cup of warm tea and puts it into the iv bag. The woman immediately starts to scream. "Stop, stop!" she says. "Oh, is it too hot?" the nurse asks, laughing. "No!" the woman says, "you forgot the lemon and sugar!"

I'll be here all week, folks. Seriously, though, they put me on this bed with this computerized geiger counter, and I got to watch my kidneys light up on the screen, and then the ureters fill up. It was all pretty damned amazing.

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