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Day 530

"Get the #### out of my house!"

So I screamed at Daughter; she went into her bedroom, and I came in and slammed a plate on the floor with my breakfast on it. I told her to get the #### out of my house. She complained, "I don't really know these cousins; they're an older generation."

I lost it. "#### you!' I yelled, "You don't want to see your last remaining relatives because they're old? You hate old people? YOU HATE OLD PEOPLE????? Get the #### out of my house NOW!"

Daughter ran out of her room stressed into the yard; I lost it some more. I tossed her clothing on the floor, and screamed, "you don't want to be a part of this family? Then get the #### out of my house!"

She leaves the house. I grab random stuff of hers out of the kitchen and toss it in her room, as well as her stuff from the bathroom. I grab three sets of skis she left lying in the hallway and toss them out the front door. I take a photo and tell her to get them, or I'm going to give them away later.

I calm down, shower and get dressed. Oddly enough, I didn't feel badly.

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