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Day 469

"Living in the along...."

The New Flame and I spoke on the phone the other night; not many people speak on the phone these days, because we're usually texting, Instagramming, Facebooking or whatever, but it's good to have a conversation voice to voice once in a while.....

She tells me what she's looking for, and I listen, because I do that.... she's comfortable where she is with her work, her kids, her friends, her home, her hobbies, her sobriety, and after so much work on herself, she feels like she's "whole." Which is good, because I've dated too man women who were always "in progress" - moving up the corporate ladder, trying to lose weight, or who knows what.....

Old-old girlfriend was very mission driven. It was not uncommon for her to start arguments over "where are we now?" and "where are we going?" This drove me nuts, because I kept on explaining I'm committed to our relationship, but I'm not aiming for marriage. "Why not? Don't you love me?" Yes, but why get married?

So NewFlame tells me "I just want to be with someone, and see where it goes, but I'm not changing my life."

So we're living in the along, right?

That's right....

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