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Day 100

"Sharon's Turn"

Farid shakes his fingers, cracks his knuckles, and while clearing his throat begins typing on his laptop. Steam from his hot coffee drifts over the pages of an open book on his desk. Farid hears a co-worker approach his cubicle and slams his laptop closed.

He gazes out the window at the blooming white flowers of a Plumeria tree and date palms while his annoying co-worker, Jean, goes on about another murder reported by the news media. Farid wanted to bury himself in the hot sand below the setting sun, but instead replies with, "Where this time?"

As he strikes his yellow highlighter through a few words in his book, Jean says, "Malibu". As Jean attempts to pick up Farid's highlighter that dropped to the office carpet, she notices the words "Remember Him" highlighted in yellow and accidentally spills his coffee all over her dress.

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