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Day 351

"Why do you have so much cheese in your bag?"

Luke and I are totally stunned at what happened in customs yesterday.
So there we are, both our bags packed the to absolute limit full of clothes, liquids and an arsenal of lengthy, steel knitting needles that Marianne gave me in Luke's bag.
Next thing, we are being frisked and our bags are being searched
'This is it', we thought, 'They won't just confiscate the needles, they will take us in to custody and grill us about why we were moving so many needles
But when we get to the part where we are standing face to face with an airport security guard, Luke's bag between us, the both of us sweating bullets
The security guard furrows his brows and asks us, 'Why do you have so much cheese in your bag?'


Forget the lethal amount of knitting needles I have in Luke's bag that we could use to literally stab everyone on the plane, forget the liquids I didn't even remove from my bag and put into the little plastic bag they hand out at the start of customs,
Forget all of that, 'Why y'all got so much cheese?'

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