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Day 638

6 more days.... keeping track....

Now that my radiation treatment is coming to and end, I have been putting inscriptions on the arm of the chair where I have sat for the past 38 sessions.I picked this chair because it's far away from the glare and blare of the television, which is usually tuned to some stupid local news channel. Once I found it on Fox "News" and had to go into the office to find the remote to change the channel.The chair is over in the corner, near a huge clear vase that rests on the floor and has some twigs sticking out of it. That's about the most thought that was put into decorating this waiting area. There are lots of stupid health, wellness and cancer magazines around as well.....I've added my own touches to this waiting room: there are a couple of books of poetry laying on one of the tables, as well as back issues of the New Yorker, and I put in some field grass stems in the planter.And then there's my daily inscription on the arm chair; I doodle a little number (in permanent marker), and I'm sure it will be there for years and years, to entertain someone.

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