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Day 634

9 Doses of Radiation Left....

It will be past, very soon: two weeks from today I'll lay on the table, strapped in with a plastic "girdle" holding me in place; the table will rise a few feet in the air and I'll be suspended while this huge contraption made of plastic, metal and glass spins slowly around, shooting me with whatever kinds of x-rays are supposed to cure me.

And then I'll be done. Hopefully the parts of my body that got irradiated, the "collateral damage" will heal, and I'll be somewhat "better" again.

But it doesn't end there: the effects of the hormone shot will continue, as will the smaller daily doses I take in pill form each morning. The shot will bring on new side effects in the ensuing weeks: hot flashes, the continuing battle with my bladder, and the lovely achy joints that are affecting me right now. But that will start to wind down as well: by the time the December holidays arrive, it should all be winding down. By Valentines Day, maybe I'll be "whole."

In the future I'll have blood tests to see if it returns; maybe a biopsy. It's my new normal, but what the hell..... that's aging for you...

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  • Otter Otter
    4 weeks ago

    Almost there, Rav! :D

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