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Day 658

A 50 year old mystery from childhood...

This poster hung over the bench where I sat eating meals with my family (my parents, sisters and me) for most of my young life. I stared at that poster trying to figure out what it meant, this exotic language from some far off land.

What does it mean "Til Bords Med Sommaren?" What is this painting about?

And what is Handelsbanken? Is it a place somewhere, maybe a little town where people sit outside on benches, drinking tea in a forest where children play nearby? It all looked so idyllic....

I've been compiling a kind of storybook for my children to read; I've told them stories of the family they never knew (my mother passed away before they were born, and my father died when my eldest was just 3 years old...) Now that my sisters have passed, I'm the sole carrier of this memory.

So I have a blank book where each day I try to record some memory of my family history: where did my mom meet dad (at a department store arguing over a sweater for father's day...) Where is the family buried? What was it like growing up before the internet?

So many things to be told....

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