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Day 294

A better day

I was kept in hospital and given stronger pain meds last night. It meant I could deal with my physical pain a lot better, which then meant I could deal with my emotional pain.
I got some sleep in the evening when hubby went home and then got up for his midnight feed. It was really good being there just me and him. I cleaned up his spit up after his feed and dealt with his unreal temper tantrum. He's such an angry boy!
I then went back and slept some more, then went back for his 6am feed. He's been started on phototherapy for jaundice. He gets a little eye mask and sits under a blue light. It's like the tiniest little spa.
My doctor came to see me this morning and I've asked to go home. I should be discharged this afternoon.
My milk has started too! Hand expressing is starting to get difficult - I cant catch it all in the syringe as there is too much. I should be getting taught how to pump later.
It's a much more promising day today. I feel like I am ready. I can do this. Let's do this, mamma.

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