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Day 342

A big change

Little one is in his cot... In his own, separate room. I felt extremely emotional as I closed to door behind me after tiptoeing out.

He's just in the spare room in his next to me cot with the side zipped up. Once we are in our own house we will get the proper cot sorted (fingers crossed for that house sale confirmation date soon!)

It is such a big step and I have mixed feelings. We think that we disturb him, so this is for the best. I've been feeling trapped and cramped bed sharing with him.

But oh! His tiny body pressed tightly against mine as he rolls into me and grabs onto my clothing to pull himself close. The way my nose rested on top of his head as we snuggled. Too precious and already starting to change.

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  • Otter Otter
    3 weeks ago

    Oh goodness what a CUTIE! I can't even imagine the wave of emotions you're feeling after having slept with him so close for so long. This sounds like a big step preceding another big step - I've got my fingers crossed for you too!

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  • Befalus Befalus
    3 weeks ago

    It's all just such an emotional rollercoaster! Lol. Being a parent is so utterly conflicting, no one ever tells you that one!

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