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Day 535

A biopsy can create optimism....

I'm home today making a lot of phone calls: set up bone scan for Friday, cat scan on Monday, meet radiologist on Wednesday. One thing that a cancer diagnosis can do is tie up your life - in all, I'm probably going to spend 8 hours of next week doing all this medical stuff....

As I was plowing through the paperwork, I found a printout of my biopsy, including a computer generate diagram of my prostate and the location of the three tumors. Very interesting, because they get a "percent" which measures what percent of the cells found were abnormal, and a "Gleason score" of how likely they were to be cancerous.

Tumor #1: 1% of cells abnormal, high Gleason score..... okay, that's a very small number of cells, but they don't look so good.

Tumor #2: 40% abnormal, high Gleason score... oy, but still, 60% are normal.

Tumor 3: 65% abnormal, high Gleason score. Okay, so that's pretty damned worrisome, but still, the other 9 areas were normal.

So, I'm optimistic: I'm all over it, the insurance is taking care of 99% of the costs, and it's not like I've got my body in open rebellion.

So I'm feeling pretty, pretty good... for now.

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