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Day 632

A Cup of Coffee with my Retirement Agent....

It was the yearly review of my retirement funds. At my age, I have to go in every year to talk about how I should be handling the money I've been putting away for the past 35 years.

I've been disciplined: I always save whatever my school would match, never pulled any out for any reason, and was level headed with my investments.

The Retirement Agent says this to me: "You've done very well, Rav; between your retirement funds and your assets, you could easily support yourself until you're 95..."

All of which makes me chuckle; people in my family don't live long. If I make it to 75, which is 15 years away, I'll be quite satisfied (and surprised.)

The final hormone shot was last Friday; the side effects include mood changes, muscle aches, drowsiness, frequent urination, plus 100 other "possible side effects." I came home tonight and sat in a tub of hot water with bath salts.

I've taken a mixture of time release acetomenophen and plain ibuprofen; I'm hoping it will allow me to sleep 4 hours.

The clouds of sadness regularly visit me. I've learned not to fear them anymore. They visit, I greet them, live with them for awhile, they pass.

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