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Day 3

A Drink and A Chat

Of the two of my parents - Dad has always been the voice of reason. Whenever one of us needed to talk - had a tough decision to make, was going through something emotional, in general just needed a listening ear or a word of advice - Dad and I had a “drink and a chat.” When I was younger, we’d stop by a convenient store to buy a beer (for him) and a soda (for me), and we’d take a motorcycle ride to a park where we could sit and talk out our problems. When I got older, we started going to a bar. One beer each and a seat outside or in a corner away from everything.

We had a drink and a chat today. It was as I feared - If Boyfriend isn’t comfortable at their house, they don’t want us over for Christmas at all. I am an only child - they’d rather be alone. I asked why it had to be like this, why we couldn’t just try to use Christmas to make amends. Mom is holding a grudge. Dad wants to try and change her mind tonight, but wants me to prepare for the worst.

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