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Day 451

A flying start to 2019....

I rung in the new year with friends; a college friend (with whom I had a little tryst almost 40 years ago), her husband (who's a great guy), her daughter and her daughter's girlfriend. We ate goose pot pie, watched a movie, watched the ball drop, and just made merry. Here's to the new year, auld lang syne and all....

New Year's Day here in Brooklyn started grey and cleared by noon. Took a nice stroll in the park with my Last Gf, with whom I had a healthy relationship, except we couldn't make the physical part work. What can you do?

Visited a friend who had a nice shindig on the Lower East Side, ate copiously but not to excess, then had a date with a woman who lived in the next hood and who I thought I might hit it off. It was a pleasant meeting, but clearly there were no sparks.

Got home, watched the first episode of "Treme," which was fun, because it's all about Nawlins, y'all! Even though I'm only home a day, it still feels like it happened a long time ago. Ain't that the way it is?

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