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Day 538

A fond farewell

Today we said good bye to a family member. He had been sick for some time. And although we didn't quite see eye to eye, listening to the stories family members spoke of in the church. I couldn't help but remember some of the things he did that touched my heart. His children and wife absolutely adored him. He worshiped his wife with such ferocity it would pull at your heart strings. One of my memories of living with them. Was most mornings, he would go in to the garden still in his pj's. And if the roses were in Bloom he woukd pick one, then make 2 cups of tea and bring the tea and the rose into his wife. It was such a simple act, but so filled with love that you couldn't help but admire him for that one simple thing.

I think that is something that I have been looking for in men, but not finding. But hopefully things are looking good with V. It's the simple things that spark my interest.

Hope everyone is doing well. Sending lots of love, big hugs and big kisses to you all xxxxxxxxx

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