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Day 539

A Fun Morning at the Hospital

Managed to sleep, woke early to more and more rain, strummed Lizbeth and drank a cup of coffee, then off to find out about my future. Will I live?

Lovely woman runs me through registration, we talk restaurants and the "old neighborhood." I get my vitals done (it takes a couple of tries to get my heartbeat....)

And then it's the oncologist. He runs me through the diagnosis (which I know about already) (but what I want to know is whether it has spread to my bones or lymph nodes.)

Turns out: no! It's very localized, and not only can they treat it, they can essentially "cure" it. Sigh of relief.

Doc asks, "so, what do you think radiation therapy is like?"

Me: "Um, do you line up some people with radioactive guns and shoot particle beams at my crotch?"

Doc smiles. "Um, no, actually, it's like getting an x-ray: we put you in a machine and it carefully aims the radiation at your prostate. It takes about 30 seconds."

"That's it?"

"Well, you have to come in 44 times, but yeah, that's it."

"Is this a cool looking machine?"

"Oh, it's very cool; it cost $2 million. Want to see it?"

"Hell yeah!"

And it's a very cool machine.....

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  • Otter Otter
    5 months ago

    I'm so happy to hear that your cancer is localized, Rav! That must have been such a weight lifted. And wow, that machine does look cool! Almost looks like some kind of time machine. Haha!

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  • miranda_b miranda_b
    5 months ago

    Such great news!

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  • Bettedavis Bettedavis
    5 months ago

    Good news
    Befriend that machine it will save your Life ....

  • TreasureHiding TreasureHiding
    3 months ago

    I was in one of those for my brain tumor. It's a bit odd spinning around one's head, especially as my head was clamped to the table with a mask.

    You can also see streaks of light in your eyes from the radiation, freaky!

    The amazing thing is that they are accurate to 0.5mm.

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