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Day 618

A jewel

Her last and most precious piece of jewellery: a sapphire and diamond ring. It was a part of her. But she hasn’t worn it for the last two years, maybe longer. I don’t know where it is and I don’t look. Everything else she has given away.

I am guilty of coveting her ring. I tell myself that I want it because it will remind me of her. That is true. But I want it because it is an important gift. A recognition that I have saved her. I want it because it is valuable.

But she is in two minds. She loves my brother more. He is the man. He is constant and he oversees her money. He is the responsible one. The one in whom she puts all her trust. She might give the ring to him. Just as she gave her engagement ring to her first born because he is the eldest and because he has no spouse, ironically.

She wants her own children, her blood line, to get what was once hers, not their spouses, and that is what makes her hesitate in everything she gives me. She doesn’t want my husband or my children benefiting.

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