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Day 232

A lazy bus day to work

It wasn't even raining either but I did need to go shopping for treats for my two grandchildren who are coming to visit tomorrow. So it was see what entertaining things I could find that would last more than 5mins. Settled for magic doodle type things, as kids love them and they are still normally being played with in a few years time on and off.

Should be fun as I haven't seen either of them for over a year, so I'm expecting the usual child greeting of being stand offish and the look to mum and day of "why the hell am I here and who is this strange man." Until the get going and feel confident, then I'll get included.

What else, oh work and rearranged rotas and being sent offsite for the second day, what a surprise!

No dreams as I think I was way too tired but I still don't feel rested so something is still going on in my head. I think this is the time when a lot of drink or dugs would come in handy but I know that makes things worse as it loosens the conscious gatekeepers that keeps all that stuff tucked away.

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