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Day 462

A lot happening between the sheets this weekend....

Me and my new lady spent Thursday night together, and there was a lot happening..... kissing, fondling, kissing, licking, kissing, biting, kissing, touching, kissing.... but since she had to get up for work early in the morning, I had to leave....

We put things off 'til Saturday, and I have to say, we were totally enjoying one another.... I just love holding her tight little body, kneading it, stroking it, pulling and biting, and nibbling and she eats it up...

... but when it came to me, things came up, shall we say, a little short. Okay, I'm 59 years old, so these things happen, but seriously, this woman is so totally hot in my eyes that I couldn't believe that I couldn't keep myself, shall we say, "excited."

But my lady was understanding, and even without that, we had an amazing time this weekend, and it appears we are very compatible between the sheets....

So I decided, hmmm, this is odd, why would I be having this issue? I did some research and as it turns out the blood pressure medication that was added to my regimen last summer has a side effect which, well, that's what you would guess.

So, a lovemaking reboot!

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