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Day 10

A New Start

Boyfriend fell asleep early on New Years Eve. I was a bit disappointed when his stomach started aching again, and he crawled into bed at 6:30 PM to pass out. While I wanted to stay home, I still would have liked to stay up to Midnight together. I rang in the New Year alone, rolled over and kissed him on the forehead before falling asleep.

New Years Day was much better. We started the morning with a discussion in bed of how we be better to each other this year. Our relationship is strong - we've gone through plenty of rough waters, but we've never turned against each other. We've always stood side-by-side and take turns holding each other up through it all. Still, we agreed it's good to take the time to discuss how we could make each other feel more loved and appreciated and express any expectations we may have that year. Though we're a team, we recognize that neither of us is a mind-reader. Sometimes it's best to just express what you need instead of hoping they will just do it naturally.

Here's to a year of love, adventure, and conquering the tough times as a team.

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