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Day 629

A Pretty Fun Date Last Night....

I don't go out on a lot of dates these days, or any days for that matter. Maybe at 60 years old, the whole thing has gotten kind of boring and troublesome. Why would I want to travel to see someone I don't know when I could stay home and play guitar and watch a movie, or go out with an old friend with whom I am guaranteed to have a good time?

I'm sure women have even less interest in dating, because you have to add getting dressed up and putting on makeup!

Not to mention the fact that women have to work! So when we made a plan to have dinner after she worked from 7 am to 3 pm on a Saturday, I was surprised. I offered to take her to a place that was in her neighborhood so she wouldn't have to travel far.

And it was a really good date; we laughed, shared our stories, enjoyed the food, I got her to try a cocktail I got (she doesn't drink) and there was even a kiss at the end.

And there will be another date!

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