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Day 227

A wet today

So glad I took the lazy option and left the bike in the car. The Cornish sunshine continues and the radio driving update states the "drive carefully as the spray may be bad and watch out for standing water." Why do we now have to be told the obvious, when we know if we drive there will be spray and when it rains there are such things as puddles or small rivers of rainwater. All stating the obvious does is remove the process of thought and the ability for independent thinking to such a degree that soon drivers may have to be told to turn their windscreen wipers on due to the wet conditions otherwise the loss of visibility may be a problem. Maybe someone could develop and app for that particular thorny problem and test the market for viability and a suitable price point. I'm sure many would take up the opportunity to own an app that would tell them when to use their windscreen wipers, you could also include a pedestrian mode warning you for the need to deploy an umbrella or if it was too windy a coat with a hug may be more suitable.

BnL world

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  • Hachiko Hachiko
    38 months ago

    That's their master plan Z! They want us to lose our sense of autonomy and capacity of free will and thought. We'd be easier to handle that way...;-)

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  • Zeotrope Zeotrope
    38 months ago

    They don't have to try and harder, most of the population are already sheep.

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