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Day 28

About me part 2

I knew my mum wasn't well. My youngest sister was a baby and suddenly my mother went from doing all those things such as baking and cooking etc to doing absolutely nothing. She would sit in her chair and stare into space. She looked as though she was watching TV but she wasn't and I knew she wasn't. Baby sister would be at her feet on a blanket crawling about quite the thing and she didn't even notice. I remember the doctor visiting and diagnosing post natal depression. It got gradually worse though. One evening our class attending a competition for schools. We had learned a song in German and had to perform it. It was at a local high school, not too far away but far enough especially when it's coming into winter and the late nights. It was my first year at this school and didn't know the area too well. There was no one to collect me. Another parent drove me home. My mother had went out without warning and my dad was stuck in with three kids 5 and under unable to go anywhere. This was the start of things to come

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