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Day 30

About me part 4

So we struggled on. My only relief was going out with friends and kids in the local area.

I was making new friends in the area where I lived also. I suppose the fact they all hung about at the park on my doorstep made that fact inevitable.

Roll on 12 years of age. I came home from school one day. Mother was ranting and raving. Apparently she was leaving and taking us kids to live with her mum.

Fair enough argument except this. Her mum left her kids with my grandad and buggered off with her new man. According to my mum she was about 9 when this happened and my uncle was a lot younger plus there was her other brother and sister.

She now lived in England. My mother lost her address when we moved. We had never met nor spoke to the the woman. She had no way of finding her.

She had her jacket on screaming and shouting at my dad. He grabbed by the jacket only gripping the jacket. She grabbed a knife that was next to her and went for him. He managed to wrestle it from her while she screamed assault.

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