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Day 33

About me part 6

What we went through as kids. It was a stressful time but also my siblings were, you could say, sheltered from the world. Wrapped in cotton wool and allowed to do virtually nothing it has done them no favours in life learning

My middle sister made a go of it however and bit the bullet. She went after many years found herself a flat and moved out. It has taken her a while to get used to living for herself and she has her own problems, however as time has passed she is getting there, through no help of my father's however who tried to put her off and hinder her in every way possible it turned out.

It makes it that much harder for me therefore as my son attends a special needs school. While he is very mature and intelligent, he would be at ease in isolation, and many of these kids don't make as many friends in their local area as their school friends tend to be dispersed in lots of areas across the city.

I therefore have to push him that little bit more because the fact is I won't be around forever.

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  • Autumn Autumn
    49 months ago

    Hi there u have made a wonderful point which is that sheltering our children or from a parents view "protecting" our children does them no good in prep for becoming an adult. My son who is 6 said to me the other day, "mum why can't u home school me?" My initial thought was god u have no idea how much I would love that! to keep u close and protect u from bullying or teasing etc. But he wouldn't learn what I see as more important than education and that is the social skills and self confidence from having to stand up for ones self in the playground. My eldest son is 18 and we have a volitile relationship because I did way too much for him when he was young. It is so difficult to find the right balance.U r right u do need to keep pushing ur child so that he can be as independent as he possibly can be xxx

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  • doingitonmyown doingitonmyown
    49 months ago

    Thanks autumn, it's hard though because as with your son he did get a long done for hum when he was younger plus the fact with needing constant supervision outdoors and the fact we stayed in high flats when he was younger meant he couldn't just go out to play like other kids. It has meant looking for clubs etc 1 to get him active and 2 to ensure he was socialising. That's something my siblings never experienced much and therefore the reason why I do it also. Xx

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