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Day 2


When we started dating, Boyfriend and I decided that we would switch families we spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with each year. This year we spent Thanksgiving with his family, and Christmas was supposed to be spent with mine.

I call my parents every weekday morning on my way to work. This morning, Dad invited me to go out for a drink and chat with him this Saturday. "Drink and chat" has always meant a serious talk. Means he and Mom are upset.

With all the hard feelings between Boyfriend's parents and mine, Boyfriend has been uncomfortable being in my parents' house. He tries, but it's so easy to see the discomfort on his face. Two weeks ago I asked Dad if we could all spend Christmas outside the house this year - Maybe go see a movie and then drive around looking at lights. Dad seemed to agree with me that maybe it would make the holiday more comfortable for everyone. He said he'd discuss with Mom. He waited until yesterday, and she was furious.

I believe Dad will uninvite us to Christmas this year. That if Boyfriend can't pretend and smile, we are not welcome. They'd rather be alone.

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