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Day 64


I keep getting all this advice on moving forward. I really appreciate all the suggestions and support I get, especially here. There are details I haven’t shared with my real-life friends because I know they wouldn’t understand.

Here’s the thing though... all the advice I get on what I should do is exactly how I met my musician.

I wasn’t looking. Hell, I’d been single for 6 years before he came along. I was doing what I love. I was with my friends and dancing for another troupe. Just enjoying my weird hobby with my weird friends and boom- there he was.

That’s part of what’s so hard about losing him. I met him exactly the way you should meet someone. Not looking and enjoying a common interest. That’s not re-creatable.

I was talking with The Coward last night about my lack of romantic life (we have a friendship that includes intimate conversations and mind-blowing sex without expectations or drama, it’s weird but it works for us) and he said I need to put myself out there, go to bars with my friends.

Like the guy I want would be picking up chicks in a bar. Not likely.

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