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Day 554

Afternoon Delight + Getting Tattooed....

NewOldGF came over yesterday afternoon; we ate some lunch, talked and at some point she was telling me how horny she is, and we're flirting, and next thing you know, we're on top of one another.

Fortunately for her, I managed to touch her in all the right places and she had a few orgasms. Unfortunately for me, my guy wouldn't respond because I had digestive issues related to my trip to Mexico, which meant I had to focus on keeping my butt clenched. But I did get some very nice kisses all over my body.....

Today I had to go to a "prep session" for my radiation treatment, which will start in September. It was all very interesting: they put a warm sheet of plastic over by abdomen, which will be used to create a kind of "jig" to keep my body in the same position for all 44 treatment sessions.

They also put some tiny tattoos on my abdomen, so they know how to aim the radiation each time. Tiny dots, little stickers, some marker. I guess I'll have to some explaining to do next time I see NewOldGF with my clothes off. Or anyone for that matter.....

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