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Day 628

All I Did For Their Happiness....

Looking on my Facebook page, I see the daughter with whom I was romantically involved for 2 ½ years. For one of those years, I lived with her and ended up living with her family, and all her family's problems.

So it was with some surprise that her older daughter's Facebook page came up on my feed. I scrolled through the photos of her happy life with her husband, her precious wedding, and even a photo of her mother with what appears to be her husband. All happy, happy, happy...

I know the point of Facebook is to show off the "happy" side of our lives, so that is not what is noticeable to me.

What I think about is what they put me through to get to this happy state.

Let's see what I put up with:

• Both daughters moving home due to mental health issues.

• Death of partner's mother.

• Death of partner's ex-husband.

• Memorial for partner's ex-husband where he was lauded by children, after he cheated on their mother when she was being treated for breast cancer.

• Canceling trip to France to care for older daughter who was having mental breakdown.

I lived through all this with them.

Where are my thanks?

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  • runcicle runcicle
    5 weeks ago

    Thanks come from being able to rest in the contentment of knowing that you have acted to enhance others' happiness, and the beam of light that you may not yet be able to see.

    Few people rest in that knowledge.

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