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Day 286

And he's off

We took him to the airport and he's boarding the first flight now. He will get back to New Zealand in 2 days time.

We now are separated for 2 months. I've taken another, final contract from the photography company for the time we are apart. I should have been trying to find a job at home, but when I'm being offered another it's too easy to rum back to sea.

It gives me loads of work to do and not much time off to brood. So, that's kind of what I want right now. I want loads of busy time to sort my mind out.

Because of the time difference as well we will only be able to speak to each other in the mornings and evenings but if I'm honest I think that will suit me.

I'm not sure how I feel. I'm a bit deflated. I'm hoping that he will be able to get his head sorted. They have a councillor for him, so he will be starting his healing almost immediately. Hopefully he can get a job for a while, too.

He has a lot to do. A lot to work on, and to prove.

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