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Day 33

And then I danced

The workshops were transformative. I spent two days with two of my friends learning dances, jewelry craft, and music, from one of the legends of my style of dance. I was blown away with the love he puts into his music and choreography, and how much of himself he gives when he teaches. There was a point the first day when it all hit me... I was in the middle of about a hundred dancers, listening to a song that hasn’t been released yet, dancing the choreography of this incredible man... and I (unobtrusively) started crying. The joy in that moment was overwhelming.

My birthday present was brought to me after the last class and it was the perfect cap to the weekend. It helped me remember the love I had with him rather than dwelling on the anger and hurt at the end.

I had lost my passion for the dance since I associated it with him... his music, how we met, he actually used asking me to perform at one of his shows as his opening... but this weekend helped me separate him from the dance. I haven’t let him take it away from me after all.

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