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Day 50


It's always the same - office against warehouse. warehouse against office. Does anyone actually realise what this causes? The amount of damage and hatred it causes? NO. I didn't think so. So far, for the most part of the last year - I have put up with this; and I have taken the sneering comments because I work upstairs and not downstairs. Despite my trying as hard as I can to make sure I do a walk around of downstairs, to see all the warehouse staff - it's important to be friends with everything, even if everyone isn't friends with you -, making sure I help with my own requirements instead of leaving it to you; but what do I get? Nothing. I get moaned at, I get whined at because it's office against fking warehouse. From where I'm standing as an almost on the outside insider is this - office moan about warehouse, warehouse moan about office - nothing gets done - I express this, '"why don't you talk to someone about it?" "nah, nothing will get done." - THEN STOP FKING COMPLAINING. DO YOUR JOB AND DON'T MOAN. I get treated like SHIT, and I still do it!

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  • SpreadZero SpreadZero
    4 months ago

    You're caring too much. It's that simple. Do your job for you (only).

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