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Day 281

Another commercialised day survived

We did it, we got through Valentine's day! Phewie! Anyone know a Valentine engagement today?

I love seeing the true love being spread today. Couples with each other, making small or big gestures of love.

I hate seeing the commercial side of Valentine's day. The adverts, the gifts, the pressure to make the gesture, the shame put on anyone who will "spend Valentine's day alone". Leave these poor people alone! Why does it need to be such an awful thing?!

Gets me onto the whole you can't really be happy unless you're in a relationship garble and I don't want to go down that road, I want to stay positive, damnit!

Fiancee suggested we "do Valentine's Day" but his heart wasn't in it, and was very happy when I said I wasn't bothered. We went to see Deadpool the other day and ate out in a gourmet burger place. We just had our celebration a little earlier than the 14th.

I like to celebrate us being together all the time. With us working/living together, it's so nice when we get to go on a date scenario day out.

Reminds me all over again why I was so attracted to him in the first place.

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