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Day 98

Another morning anxiety attack

I've been doing so well, and this morning I lost it. I was yelling and screaming, "I'm not allowed to be myself. When I'm emotional, everyone tells me I'm just being crazy. When I want to be myself, I'm not allowed to express myself because that's the way this ###### up world is. I wasn't allowed to express myself when I was 7-years-old and I'm not allowed now. Everyone is out for themselves and care nothing about anyone. And anytime anyone else has issues, it's a huge news story and way more important than my insignificant life. Nobody cares! Nobody. So does it matter that I've never truly been me? NO. It doesn't. We have to be what others want us to be, and then we just hide our true self and our true emotions inside all bottled up. I mean, I wouldn't want to ask anyone to care about little old me."

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