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Day 607

Apple, a mountain bike and the no deal

We agreed with Apple that he would give up his gaming computer in return for a mountain bike he had set his heart on. I thought that a great exchange for obvious reasons and he's been full of smiles and enthusiasm for the bike. Today Beloved drove 3 hours round trip with Apple to pick the bike up and take Apple out for lunch. They had a nice time together and Apple was very pleased on return. Almost casually I told him that I had taken his computer away, as per our agreement. To our surprise he was furious. He said that he hadn't made such a deal, that he didn't want his bike any more; we could get rid of it. He swore at us and wouldn't sit with us for supper. We were both astonished and very hurt that he could turn so quickly and viciously after having been given a great gift and having previously agreed the deal. He genuinely seemed taken aback and appears to have no knowledge of this deal. He says he will keep looking for his computer until he finds it and he won't be doing any work until he does.

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