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Day 744

Apple blossoms

The change in Apple is extraordinary. Suddenly he’s serious, responsible, sociable, health conscious. Wow! His friends get drunk but he doesn’t. He’s got a good group of friends about him which is entirely new. He’s even getting along well with Peachy. And he’s studying Classics, Politics and Geography. Those first two I would never have imagined him doing. It is remarkable. Is it because he’s been given a second chance at school, scraping into the Sixth Form, and he’s grabbing it with both hands? Has he just grown up? He’s very tall and slender now. He likes his hair far too short. He’s still got his wry sense of humour, but he’s calmer and far more sensible than he ever was. Dear Apple. Maybe all will be well after all. I wonder if he is learning from Sunny who is still thrashing around missing deadlines and trains. Apple even started his home work today. School doesn’t resume again until Tuesday week. I’m so grateful for this change. He doesn’t swear any more, he’s not angry any more, he even mowed the lawn yesterday.

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  • Otter Otter
    4 months ago

    It sounds like Apple has grown so much! I'm glad to hear it.

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