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Day 319

As if life couldn't get any more crazy, pt 1

So I woke up to a text this morning from an unknown number. I thought it was Chris until I saw what it contained. Here's what it said:

there’s a million things I wanna say to you but I’m going to keep it really simple. I’m moving to Portugal this Saturday. I’m staying in a camper van in the middle of the mountains of moinhos velhos and call me crazy but do you wanna run away with me? I don’t know your current relationship or job status but all I do know is I haven’t loved anyone as much as I love you. I miss your beautiful nature, I miss a lot of things about you. And I know I’m taking a big leap here as we haven’t spoke in possibly a year and ended on weird terms or whatever but if there’s any part of you that wants to travel and experience a loving hippy way of life then I want to share this opportunity with you.

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